Westchester is delighted to provide digital conversion services for Ingram clients. We have negotiated excellent rates for you, will provide a US-based point of contact, a Project Manager from our Chennai office, and can provide you with multiple formats based on your specific needs. 

Below, you can find pricing details and additional FAQs. 

We look forward to working with you!


Westchester is pleased to offer baseline pricing that matches or may be lower than what you have experienced previously with Ingram.

And if your agreement with Ingram includes billing for digital conversion, that will remain the same! 

For details, please download the detailed rate card below.

Rate Card

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

If you already filled out a Contact Us form, then Tyler Carey will be in touch shortly to discuss next steps. If you haven't reached out to us yet, please send an email to Tyler Carey: [email protected], and include your contact information (email and phone), and company name in your email. He will get in touch with you to discuss your needs, set up your account, and introduce you to your Client Services representative. 

What is the typical timeframe for setup and conversion?

Setup only takes a couple of days, and a typical turnaround timeframe for digital conversion projects are based on the complexity as follows:
Simple: less than 2 weeks.
Medium: approximately 2 weeks.
Complex: approximately 3 weeks.
Very complex: approximately 4 weeks.

What is the definition of a simple, medium, complex, or very complex work?

Simple: novel, memoir, essays.
Medium: chapter book, general non-fiction, general academic.
Complex: board/picture book, textbook, complex academic, reference book, general poetry.
Very complex: graphic novel, art book, cookbook, complex textbook, academic with math, heavily illustrated reference book, poetry with special lineation.

What types of file formats are available?

We can provide ePub3 Fixed, Reflowable, Mobi, Kindle Fixed, web PDF, POD. Note that for fixed layout files, we provide both ePub3 Fixed Layout and Kindle Fixed as a combined service within the fixed layout price point - which may be a cost-savings for you.

How does billing work?

If your agreement with Ingram includes billing for digital conversion - there will be no change! You will continue to be billed via Ingram. Otherwise, you will be billed directly from Westchester Publishing Services.

What kind of account support will I receive?

Westchester is known for its  high level of customer support. As part of your digital conversion project, you will receive a Customer Service Representative who will be your main point of contact for your project.

How can I send files to Westchester?

Similar to your experience when sending files to Ingram, we will ask you to submit a Conversion Form in addition to your files. Please access the new Conversion Form here. For each project, please submit this conversion form and email it to your assigned Customer Service Representative. Once your signed contract is received, we will coordinate with Ingram to activate the Westchester distribution option through CoreSource, so you can then send files to us directly through that channel. You can download a detailed guide of this process here.

How will I receive my completed conversion files?

Completed conversion files will be uploaded to you via CoreSource, unless you have requested an alternative destination from your Westchester Client Service Representative.

How do I request corrections to my conversion files?

If a correction is needed to your converted file from Westchester, no problem! Please complete the Corrections form and send via email to your Westchester Customer Service Representative.

What other services does Westchester provide?

Westchester can support a wide range of your pre-press needs, including full service editorial, art, and production services. Our Education division can also offer content development ranging from core subjects, assessments, translation, SEL, CRE reviews, and career & technical educational programming.


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